Word Twisty

Word Twisty is a skill game to arrange the letters to make the target word. This game is very interesting and it increases the vocabulary. The one who wants to improve their vocabulary, this the game for you. You can arrange the word one by one letter. If you want to undo the word just click on the last letter you have chosen in the word you formed, it automatically back to the place.

You might get some hint from the hint button also. Through this option, you will be getting some chance to guess the hidden word. Moreover, it is a brainstorming skill game. It improves our problem-solving skills and thinking power.

Also, it has the settings to set the timer to predict the hidden word. It makes more competitive to find the word. This will improve our personal skills to how fast we can think to find the word. We can measure ourself to improve our skills more. This skill game makes everyone to think about the hidden word.

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