Subway runner

Bus and Subway Runner is an ultimate subway running race game in. We have to wait for a subway while avoiding buses! You are enjoying a beautiful sunny day in the city on your hoverboard, but a police car spots you and starts to chase you! You have one option – to flee to the subway to avoid being captured! 

We have to escape from the hurdles when we running in the subway running race game.

Your character moves forward automatically, and you must simply control his directional movements. The game features classic ultimate runner mechanics. Furthermore, you can also use your hoverboard to fly high in the sky and avoid all objects in your path! Also watch out for the balloons – if you grab these, they transport you to a special bonus level. Earn coins as you fly and use these coins to purchase new outfits and cool hoverboards to use. Can you escape the policeman and traverse the subway?

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