How really Google Search Engine works?

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How does Google search engine really works? This is the million-dollar question to web developers and online marketers.

Before we getting into learning about the algorithm of Google Search engine, we have to know how Google will store the Billions of web page data into their database.

How the web content stored and organized in Google

When every new page enters into the web, the Google web crawler will crawl the page and store it into their database. But, the Google bot will crawl the web pages in a scheduling period. We can also manually requesting for the crawling using the Google console.

Once the web page has been crawled by the Google bot, it tried to understand the type of content. This process is called Google indexing. It tried to categorize the data by the content, Images, Video and embedded items on the web page. After categorizing the web content, it will be stored in a huge database present on many computers.

Googlebot is the general name for two different types of crawlers: a desktop crawler that simulates a user on the desktop, and a mobile crawler that simulates a user on a mobile device. Your website will be crawled by both Desktop Crawler as well as a smartphone crawler.

How Google Engine really Works

For every search, Google analyze the thousands and millions of results and choose the best relevant information which can match the user’s requirement. Google search results should pass multiple algorithms to get into the user’s screen.

Google algorithm will provide the results based on the below criteria,

Keyword Analyzing

Once the user enter their search keyword, Google started to index the keyword with the millions of web content. First, it tried to understand the language of the keyword and understand the user’s expected language. So, based on the requirement, Google will search for the results in the respective language rather than others.

Sometimes, the keyword might be matched with the URL of the web content. For example, if the user searches the keyword like, ‘western style recipes’ and the web already has the URL like, then Google will not take this result into the first page of the search results straight away.

The targeted keyword should be mentioned as a title on the web page. The title should be short and explains what the page has. Also, it needs to be present in the body of the web page to make sure the relevance of the content.

Also, the webpage needs to be updated based on the updated details and ensure the freshness of the page. Google always present the

Organizing the web content

Before the search also, Google maintained its data in an organized manner. Once the keyword analyzed, it ensures the freshness of the web content and it keep track of the same for future results.

Google always working on keyword analyzing to better understanding the people.

Presenting results

With the analyzed millions of records, Google will sort the most relevant and useful information.

Once the keywords are analyzed, Google might have the results as web content, Map content and Video content. So, it will organize the data to present to the user. So the most relevant and useful information will be listed on the top of the results.

Google will sell ads for a particular keyword, but it does not influence the webpage for money to make it available at the top of the results.

Google search engine works to get relevant and useful results to the user. It always looking for fresh content by crawling throughout the web.

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