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NICHE is very important to the Bloggers as petrol to operate the vehicle. We cannot mix the multiple Niches into the single blog site.

What is Niche

Niche is a well-known concept that can target the specified audience. It should be your passion. Niche marketing focuses on delivering the well-tested solution to the large scale of the audience.

Choosing a Niche is basic for digital marketing. Nowadays, businesses are nothing without digital marketing. So, Niche should be closely coupled with your business core.

How to choose a Niche

It is a million-dollar question around the Bloggers. I will provide below simple steps to choose your Niche. It will work 100%.

Explore your passion

First, think about your interest/proficient/passion topics and list them down it. Now, write 20 blog topics for each Niche. Now, you should feel which Niche you may comfortable with. This is simplest method to identify your passion.

The Niche should be an interesting which can be liked by the most audience. Trending passion in the Niche is very important.

Define your profit

You have to choose your Niche with less competitive and more profitable. You can analyze your Niche in Google Trend site. Also, you will be find the perfect Niche by analyzing the keyword through Google Keyword planner.

This will result in the number of audiences who are looking for the keyword around the world or specific region. Also, it should be less competitive, so that your Niche keyword should be listed on the first page of google.

Evergreen Niche

Its a really important cause to be considered while defining the Niche to your Blog. The Niche should be an Evergreen topic which can be more powerful in any centuries.

I have chosen my Niche around

  • SEO,
  • Digital Marketing,
  • Blogging,
  • Making money online

Since most of the online vendors are looking for Digital marketing, I hope my niche should be evergreen. But, I accept that the Niche which I listed above are the most competitive Niches around the world.

Audience Focus

The audience always looking for the website which matches their targetted niche. If the website will publish the updated news about their Niche, they will start to follow your blog regularly.

So, the bloggers should write the blogs regularly and let the audience know. It will be more comfortable for the audiences to read the articles on their interested topic.

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