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How to make my website appear in google search first page?

This is the question will be in the mind of all the business people, bloggers, Marketing people, etc. Its not simple, but it can be acheivable if we put right effort in a right direction.

Google has an automated algorithm that measures the webpage in multiple cases to appear in their search list. Google automated system will crawl the websites randomly and stores each content, images, and videos in their large database. And, it will return the results which are most relevant to the keyword. This search result is called as Search Engine Results Page(SERP)

For the popular keyword, the longer and aged domains always dominate the SERP.

Why we have to make our site to appear on the first page of search engines?

It is very rare that the online users will be looking into the second or third page of the SERP until they didn’t find their specific results on the first page. So to make your page appear on the first page, your content is relevant to the keyword.

There are two ways to make your site appear on the first page of the Google search engine,

  1. Paid Google Adwords
  2. Organic result

Paid Google Adwords

Mostly, Google will show the paid ads for the respective keyword at the top of the search result. And, if the customer looking for the local service, Google will show up the local business results with the relevant keyword to the users.

If you have enough money to invest in your business, this is the better way instead of optimizing your website for the organic search. But you should always keep the profit based on investment in the Google ads. Google will not show your site always to all the users who are looking for your Adword keyword. It will randomly pick the websites who have added the respective keyword.

You have to search for better keywords for your business for better results. You can refer the link to find the better keyword research tool to bit the keyword in Google Adwords.

Organic Result

This is the better way for the business or bloggers to make a constant income. Bringing your website on the first page of the Google search result is a dream for all the SEO experts. By following the below procedures, your sites will be considered by Google.

Site Loading speed

Nowadays, the users will not wait for the websites which are loading more than 4 seconds. So, it is mandatory to optimize your sites to load very fast. You can measure your site speed here. Also, this link will result in your loading speed along with the optimization steps based on your website platform.

Featured Snippets

Mostly, Google will look for the search results from the top-ranking websites, but, in the featured snippets, Google will return from the lower ranking results also. The featured snippet should contain

  • Images
  • Paragraphs
  • Numbered lists

It has a certain syntax to match with the search engine criteria. You can refer to the following link to know more about it.

Mobile compatibility

Nowadays, 60% of users came from mobile devices. So, Google also considers mobile compatibility as criteria to make the website appear on the first page. So, it is mandatory for the website owners to adopt your websites for all the mobile device resolutions.

You can use the bootstrap CSS framework to make it happen.

Friendly URL

The URL for the targeted content must be readable. It will help the search engine to crawl the content and add it into the SERP for the respective keyword.

Instead of, you should have

Content Quality

The content is the ultimate weapon to reach the target audience. The content should have proper keywords that the audience looking for. Also, the content should have repeated keywords. The content must be unique around the web. It should not have any grammatical errors, Google will not rank the content which has Grammatical errors.

Inbound and Outbound links

Your content should have proper inbound and outbound links to make the continuity to readers. It will encourage the readers to occupy more pages and keep the readers stay on your page for a long time. Also, google will rank high when your website link appears on the top-ranked websites. This can be achieved by collaborating with the other bloggers and posting the guest blogs on other high ranked websites.

Secured websites

The users will always prefer to go with secured websites to read their articles. It is not meant that the websites which have online money transfer only have to be secured. Google also gives priority to secured sites. Chrome already showed the non-SSL sites as ‘Not Secured’ in the address bar to warn the users.

I will write the second part of this article soon.

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