How to Make money online part-time?

This will be the most effective question raised in all people’s minds. Making money online will not be the easiest way in the present world. But the involvement makes everything. So, if you have involvement and adamant on what you want, that will be yours and it will reach you at any time when you don’t expect. You have to adhere to the thing that you like or want.

Most of the people make their profession as what they get and part-time as their passion. If you adhere to your passion, you will achieve the dream as soon as possible.

Now, we can get it to the topic, there are three ways to earn money online in our part-time,

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Youtubers

Google Adsense

Google serves the ads for the site owner’s content like blogs, videos, and games. To approve for the Google Adsense, you must own the website. Also, your website has to match with the below criteria to approve for the Google Adsense,

  1. Your website must have the Contact us, About us and Privacy policy pages
  2. Have decent traffic to your site
  3. Make sure to not to have any vulnerable/malicious content on the site.
  4. Articles/blogs on your website have proper grammatical.
  5. Make sure there are no malicious activities happened on your website.

I will write more about the above criteria in another blog.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a common business type to bring the product to the customers. But this time, the marketing techniques defined by the Affiliates instead of the product owners.

In this marketing technique, the product owner has more inquiries and more profit. But, the product owners should have certain criteria to choose the Affiliates. It is not mandatory that the affiliates should have a website to eligible for affiliate marketing. They can do their marketing through Social media, Watsapp and Q and A sections.

The affiliates should create a positive about the product with the customers and sell with them.


It is a recent trend in the market. Most people would like to become a YouTuber. But they have to choose the right content to satisfy their audience. Set your content and work towards it. Read the comments of the customers carefully and work on the negatives in your upcoming video and post it. If you can do this, you can see absolutely good money from Youtube.

You have to create your own subscribers for your channel and work to satisfy their requirements. Entertainment videos reach people very quickly. But, make sure the content should be unique, which will make your channel stand unique in the field.

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